Sacred Spaces Owners

Heather & Randy Magray

Specializing in creating a venue for prayer in the least expected areas. A table at a trade show, an intimate guided prayer on a breakroom table, an outdoor prayer wall at a retreat. There is not a place where we can't bring the creator to those who are searching for peace and hope. Each station is well thought out and tailored to your event or theme.

We create intimate spaces in ordinary places such as a chapel, a breakroom, or a corridor. We lead the user through a series of contemplative activities that encourage focus while pushing distractions and worry aside. Here we create an environment that is like your living room, giving space and time for you to have an encounter with the sacred. Prayer rooms tend to be a mobile sanctuary, a temporary place of prayer for 2 - 4 weeks.

Heather's work is intuitive and God-directed. The prayer spaces she has created for our events have offered our attenders an opportunity to engage in meditative activities that are both relevant and Spirit-filled. Without exception, our attenders have remarked at every event where Heather has designed a prayer space that it was the most impactful part of their time with us.

            Tami Cinquemani - Pastor of Worship & Liturgy at WholeLife Church

Jesus our King

Casting my crown at Jesus feet because of His Birth