We make custom handmade items from repurposed materials.  Materials like designer fabrics, old purses, jewelry and clothes.  We then donate a percentage of our profits to organization making a difference for individuals that are escaping domestic violence and human trafficking.  Our purpose is to do our part to save the planet and uplift individuals that have faced the unthinkable.


We believe it is everyone's responsibility to do their part to support and protect the world we live in.  No matter how small the act you can make a difference.  This is why  90% of our materials are repurposed into beautiful items,   We even use recycled paper, re-purpose them into gift wrappings for you.  We ask that you pay it forward by either recycling your packaging or using them in a unique way.


We believe in helping those in need.  Our mission is to share and encourage beauty in people.  Notonly outward beauty but what is inside is the most beautiful.  We believe that EVERYONE is beautiful.  We do this by donating 25% of our profit to organizations that help individuals escaping environments of slavery, human trafficking, and domestic violence.  This includes women, children, and even men.  This breaks our heart and we want to be part of the solution.  By purchasing items with BeYoutifull Things you become a partner with us and organizations that are already making a huge difference in the lives of individuals experiencing the unthinkable.  We invite you to join us!!

We are always adding new items to our shop.  Stop in often to see what is new.  We also love to create custom items for you.  If you do not see something you like, we can always create it for you.  You can pick your style, color way,  and patterns.  Send us an email          .  We look forward to hearing from you.

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